Religious and Moral Education

Course Outline

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Core RME

RME will give you the opportunity to build on your knowledge of world religions from primary school and consider religion around you today.   We will move on to consider the Christmas story, then a study of Judaism before finishing the year with the John Muir Award and our ‘Wonderful World’.  As part of the course you will be able to add to your Read for the Future programme based in the library and you will develop your literacy skills throughout the year.  There will be opportunities to work with others on group projects and be creative as you produce displays and poems.  
The main pieces of work in S1 are:

  • Group poster of the Pentland Uprising and Battle of Rullion Green
  • Read for the Future reports
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Diary
  • Wonderful World poem
  • Group living pictures of creation stories

Belief is the main focus of S2 RME as we consider key beliefs within Christianity and the Individual as a Believer.  There is an emphasis on Literacy skills as we follow the Literacy Across the Curriculum programme reinforcing the note taking and report writing skills as part of your Festivals of Light Investigations and the study of the life, beliefs and problems of Dr Martin Luther King.  We may consider the nature of belief and the existence of God.
The main pieces of work in S2 are:

  • A modern Good Samaritan
  • Miracles newspaper article
  • COOL Festivals of Light notes
  • Wiki page style report about Dr Martin Luther King

S3 RME focuses on Issues of Belief and Morality with opportunities to consolidate literacy skills developed in S1 and S2.  You will be creative as an individual and while working with others.  The impact of the Holocaust on the Individual will be considered, followed by a study of Islam; which will be taught by you. We will complete the year debating Ultimate Questions where the emphasis will be on thinking.
The main pieces of work in S3 are:

  • Kristallnacht newspaper article
  • An evaluation of the lesson taught and resources provided
  • Feedback from debate/poster/presentation


Ethics and Morality form the basis of the S4 course.  The year begins with an introduction to ethical theories.  There is a specific study of Capital Punishment and then you have the option of what topic you wish to investigate next.  You will have the opportunity to practise your literacy skills and presentation skills.  The Capital Punishment unit provides a model for studying an issue which you can apply in other topics and subjects, such as English.


What’s happening in the World?  DO you know?  Do you know why?  These are questions that you will be able to answer thanks to S5 RME; a look at the current ethical issues.  Areas for study cannot be decided in advance as this is a current affairs based unit.  However past topics have included; the death of Nelson Mandela, the impact of Typhoon Haiyan and the humanitarian crisis in Syria. 


During the induction programme S6 have the opportunity to participate in a Mind. Body and Soul conference style event where may discuss the work of charities, relaxation techniques and health & wellbeing areas such as healthy eating.