Pupil Guidelines

The following Guidelines attempt to summarise the responsible and caring attitude that we expect of pupils.

Please read through the Guidelines with your son/daughter and encourage him/her to think of the reasons behind the various items and the School Rules, a copy of which is included in the Folder.

The reputation of Beeslack Community High School is not simply about a building and grounds, but about you – your work and qualifications; your success in class and in sport; your care of the building; how you conduct yourself and, equally important, how you treat each other.

A local community will judge its school largely through its contact with pupils – their standard of dress, their behaviour outside school, their involvement in the life of the community.  We therefore expect that at all times you show good manners and courtesy to the general public and our neighbours.  This will be especially important for those pupils who travel to school by public transport.

Standard of dress is also important and much time has been spent creating for you a modern attractive school dress.  We hope that you will be proud of your school and want to identify with it through school dress.

All pupils have had a responsibility in shaping the reputation of Beeslack.  Now much is expected of you.

In class you will be encouraged to work to the very best of your ability and to leave school with the best possible qualifications.

But, of course, there is more to school life than passing exams.  From your first day with us we want you to be involved in the life of the school – its clubs, its competitions, its social life.  You should easily be able to find something of interest to you.  Above all we want your time with us to be happy and rewarding.  This is more liable to happen if you are involved with others; meeting with, mixing with, working with and for others.

One of the best ways to be ready for life when you leave school is to be fully involved in life while at school.

Our school rules have been drawn up with this kind of community in mind: one where pupils can achieve (academically and socially); be happy; be proud of their school, its property and reputation; care about others; feel free to participate and ready to join in.

Any large community does require a set of rules to act as a guide and this is especially true of a school – 900 individuals, of course, cannot all do as they might please.  Most of you will not need to be reminded about school rules in your time at Beeslack, as they are just reasonable common sense arrangements that most people will follow naturally.

Remember especially from your first day to – “be involved in the life of the school”