Priorities at Beeslack Community High School

Our Priorities:

As a learning community we are committed to:

1        Inspiring high achievement and attainment through encouraging ambition and promoting a culture of continuous improvement based on self-evaluation.

2        Providing supportive relationships and high quality, innovative, learning experiences, which challenge and motivate learners to take responsibility for their progress and achieve success.

3        Developing an excellent curriculum, based on opportunity and choice, which respects the needs of learners and prepares them for positive next steps.

4        Meeting the needs of learners, regardless of barriers, by providing supports, resources and opportunities which enable all to realise their potential and become confident and resilient individuals.

5        Promoting an ethos of leadership, partnership and responsible citizenship, through providing high quality training, professional development and cooperative working opportunities and encouraging all to contribute effectively to our community.

The five priorities will drive the implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence and develop the four capacities in our young people as:

Confident Individuals
Successful Learners
Effective Contributors and
Responsible Citizens