At Beeslack Community High school we value all of our pupils equally and have high expectations of achievement and standards of conduct. There is nothing more important within a school community than developing a culture based on care and respect. Our pupils are provided with a wide range of learning programmes to ensure that they have the opportunity to attain at the highest level and achieve success. Our most able pupils are supported onto academic programmes to ensure that they achieve university entrance qualifications and innovative vocational programmes have been developed to prepare others for the world of work;

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Developing a strong partnership with all our parents is a priority and we know that your support is crucial to your child’s success. We are committed to keeping you informed about your youngster’s progress and development through regular reporting, parents’ information evenings, newsletters and our web-site. We encourage you to attend parents’ evening, social events and to get involved in the life of the school through joining the Beeslack Association – Parent Council. We operate an open door policy and you can contact us by phone and e-mail or visit the school if you have any concerns about your youngster’s progress or wellbeing.

News & Events

» As part of our whole school self-evaluation we asked parents at the S4 Parents' evening to complete a short questionnaire. The collated feedback from the questionnaire can be downloaded here.

» The next Beeslack Association meeting will take place on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 at 7pm in the school library..

»A letter concerning the new SQA Appeals service can be downloaded here.

»The annual sponsored walk will take place on Thursday 17th September 2015.

»Important Information to Parents on the National Qualifications 2016 Coursework
All S4,S5 & S6 students have been issued with a booklet entitled Your Coursework from the SQA. It outlines the rules that the SQA apply to work submitted as part of a course. Copies are available in school or you can download it from here.


>> UCAS - Message to send out to your students’ parents and guardians

UCAS is the organisation that processes all full-time applications to UK universities and colleges. It is there to support you – as well as your son or daughter – through every step of the application process. UCAS sends all applicants a monthly newsletter, full of useful information, reminders, advice and competitions. But did you know you can get information from UCAS too?

You can sign up to monthly parent newsletters quickly and simply online. They’re completely FREE and contain timely information and advice about your son or daughter’s journey to higher education and what you can do to support them.

For further information about the UCAS process, take a look at the advice for parents and guardians on

>>A number of revision documents aimed at the new National Qualifications have been added to this site for downloading. They can be found here.

>>Details of the school's assessment and reporting procedures can be can be downloaded here.

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