HMIe Report

Our most recent HMIe report (2010) identified the following particular strengths of the school:

  • “Confident young people who aim to reach their full potential.
  • The very strong ethos of achievement and positive relationships between staff and young people.
  • Staff mentoring young people to help them make progress in their learning.
  • Innovative approaches to developing literacy and numeracy across the curriculum.
  • The high-quality teamwork of staff and their engagement in the life and work of the school.”

The HMIe report also confirmed that Beeslack remains a very high performing school in relation to pupil attainment.  In their report they stated that:

“Almost all young people at S1 and S2 make very good progress from prior levels of attainment across most subjects of the curriculum.  A significant proportion attain levels above those normally expected, particularly in reading and mathematics.  From S4 to S6, levels of performance in examinations are high and better than schools which serve young people with similar needs and backgrounds.  The school performs above or well above national averages.  Young people who require additional support are making good progress in their learning.  Most young people move on successfully from school.  Over a third of young people go on to higher education.”

To download our latest HMIe report (April 2010) click here