Aims and Mission of Beeslack Community High School

Our Aims:

pupils at study

Effective learning takes place when relationships are based on mutual respect. 
This principle underpins the aims of the school which are to:

  1. Promote an education of the highest quality within a community of warmth, of purpose and of opportunity. 
  2. Embrace our role as a fully inclusive comprehensive school, that we have much to offer pupils; and uphold our commitment to equality of opportunity for all.
  3. Provide access to a full range and choice of courses to encourage achievement at all levels, within a culture of high expectation.
  4. Engage students with a variety of teaching methodologies; including integrated learning experiences which enables all to realise their potential. 
  5. Actively nurture confidence, resilience, health and wellbeing for all.
  6. Encourage active participation and responsibility in the life of the school.
  7. Promote skills for learning, life and work for all, to meet the challenge of a rapidly changing society.
  8. Actively develop partnership with our parents, partner agencies and the wider community.

Promote life-long learning and provide opportunities for the wider community.

Our Mission:

At Beeslack Community High School

Our high expectations and positive relationships develop confident, secure young people who consistently reach their potential. Collectively we create a supportive atmosphere of care, warmth and purpose. By embracing innovation in learning and teaching, we strive for excellence.

We promote high quality teamwork and the engagement of all in the life of the school. Through providing a rich and varied range of opportunities, we encourage all members of the school community to contribute effectively within a global society.